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Project highlights: Status: organizing; project description incomplete but fleshing out

Delayed from physical move of household, and other miscellaneous attacks of Real Life.

Still sluggish in making things happen. Priority interrupts around family, house hunting, and other spousal obligations. How to convince her that "open source software" really does belongs on the "honey-do" list? :-/

Draft (non-functioning) set of acceptance tests in place. Guess I've still not had enough writer's block. :-b Placing legacy version up, because of recurring interest. See download section.

2020-04-07: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down on 2020-07-01. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep before that date.

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Summary acceptance testing toolset for CUIs and GUIs
Category testing
License GNU General Public License
Owner(s) jrb3

Message from the owner(s)

This toolset assists teams in testing their character-based and GUI-based applications. It grew from a framework constructed to handle automated acceptance testing (or "Customer testing" in Extreme Programming parlance).


This project exists to make life easier for software testers, especially those working in the "Extreme Programming" style. It sprung up while automating 'Customer tests' for a biotech software product written in Java.

acceptor/ is focussed on Unix-based projects with simple GUIs and line-oriented character interfaces. Complex GUIs (such as arcade games) and Curses CUIs (such as nethack) are out-of-scope.


  • Automated user-level testing of shell-oriented CUIs and simple X GUIs running on Unix platforms.
  • Easy to understand, modify, and extend.

What's implemented

What's planned

For Users


Legacy version of acceptor/ -- available for interested parties




Agile Testing

  • FitNesse -- another framework for supporting acceptance testing (or "Customer Tests", in Extreme Programming parlance)

Testing in General

For Developers




  • RubyUnit - supporting test-driven development style [RAA]
  • RDTOOL - Ruby Documentation tool (embedded documentation) [RAA]
  • Racc - Ruby equivalent of YACC (for RDTOOL) ">[RAA]
  • OptionParser - yet another option parser (for RDTOOL) [RAA]
  • forwardable - yet another delegator library (for RDTOOL) [RAA]
  • (more to come as project gets incrementally fleshed out)


Agile Development

  • Extreme Programming -- a particular set of development practices within the "Agile" philosophy of software development