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Project highlights: Status: organizing; project description incomplete but fleshing out

Delayed from physical move of household, and other miscellaneous attacks of Real Life.

Still sluggish in making things happen. Priority interrupts around family, house hunting, and other spousal obligations. How to convince her that "open source software" really does belongs on the "honey-do" list? :-/

Draft (non-functioning) set of acceptance tests in place. Guess I've still not had enough writer's block. :-b Placing legacy version up, because of recurring interest. See download section.


A mailing list for cvs commit messages

42 2020-01-26 11:01:22 PST

A mailing list for issuezilla messages

21 2020-01-12 23:16:15 PST

A mailing list for user discussions

0 2019-05-05 13:35:04 PDT

A moderated mailing list for announce messages

0 2012-09-28 08:56:21 PDT

A mailing list for developer discussions

1 2012-05-13 06:31:04 PDT
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