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Project highlights: Status: organizing; project description incomplete but fleshing out

Delayed from physical move of household, and other miscellaneous attacks of Real Life.

Still sluggish in making things happen. Priority interrupts around family, house hunting, and other spousal obligations. How to convince her that "open source software" really does belongs on the "honey-do" list? :-/

Draft (non-functioning) set of acceptance tests in place. Guess I've still not had enough writer's block. :-b Placing legacy version up, because of recurring interest. See download section.

Release 0.1

Target release date: (undecided)

testall (issue 6)
Be able to run several tests from one script invocation.
INFO file (issue 7)
Turn tests on and off from per-test datafile. Multiple status (ACTIVE, IN_PROGRESS, SKIP, BUG, TEST_BUG, ...) control skip-over, severity level downgrade.
outputDir (issue 8)
Create output directories for holding per-test results.

Release 0.2

Target release date: (undecided)

accept() / reject() (issue 9)
Methods verifying conditions and causing test to indicate pass/fail.
input / expected preprocessing (issue 11)
Given test script, generate input and expected files. Input file is to be fed into shell-like program under test; expected file is to be compared against actual output captured from program. Out-of-scope: interactivity within script.
Boilerplate manipulations (issue 13)
Cope with reloating Ruby, acceptance test subtree, and acceptor itself by mass updating of testit files.

Release 0.3

Target release date: (undecided)

warn() (issue 10)
Less severe failure level.
timeouts (issue 12)
Do not let overall test, or individual script invocations, run too long.
summarizer (issue 14)
Gather results from test runs, and summarize.

Release 0.6

Target release date: (undecided)

Properties files (issue 21)
Manipulate java-style properties files
XML file checking (issue 22)
Simple XML comparison and checking. Brings in third-party package 'tidy' from W3C.

Release 0.8

Target release date: (undecided)

HTML (issue 23)
Support simple HTML checking
Enhydra (issue 24)
Example adaptor for interacting with Enhydra, an open-source Java application server.

Release 1.0

Target release date: (undecided)

Canoo (issue 25)
Example adaptor for interacting with Canoo, an open-source HTML testing framework.
Android integration (issue 26)
Example adaptor for interacting with Android, an open-source capture/playback library built atop Xtst.

Release 1.1

Target release date: (undecided)

Easy means to create acceptance tests (issue 15)
Acceptance-test creator.
Executable setup across tests (issue 28)
Support for setup which surrounds several tests.